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If you are an old school stoner struggling to keep up with the rich pot culture of the time, to you, the word shatter is probably just something that happens to your favorite pipe once the kush has you feeling clumsy.

The name may not say much, but nevertheless, shatter weed is something that you are going to want to get yourself acquainted with.

That is what we are here for today. If you are looking for ways to make your experience with marijuana even better, read on for a guide to the world of shatter weed.

First, What is Shatter :

Shatter is a beautiful, glossy, amber like substance that packs an incredible THC punch. It looks a little bit like prehistoric amber, actually, but it is a marijuana derivative, and its only job is to get very, very high.

If you have heard of dabbing, or even dabbed, then you more or less will get the gist of shatter weed. Smoking shatter the proper way requires a twist on the common bong colloquially known as a “rig”.

If you are feeling a little primitive, or you just don’t have the loot to invest in an entirely new way to smoke pot, you can always crumble your shatter up, and throw it in a joint, but most people prefer the full on dabbing experience.

Careful though. Shatter may look like hardened daffy, but if you aren’t ready for it, it will knock you out.

Knock me out? I doubt that. How Much THC are we talking about here?:

So much. So much THC. While normal, street bud is going to clock in somewhere around fifteen to twenty percent THC, and really high end, top shelf weed will go as high as 30%, shatter is truly in a league of its own.

We are talking eighty percent THC here.

Yeah. We said eighty percent.

Even if you are Snoop Dogg, that is a lot of THC.

Sign me up! How much is this going to cost?:

You know how good things cost money? This costs money. A lot of it. While price is going to vary a little bit depending on where you end up going, the general price of shatter is going to be somewhere around $80 a gram.

For the weed novices out there, that is about eight times as much as you will pay for dirt weed, and four times as much as you will pay for the really nice stuff.

But like we said, it is stacked with an 80% THC count. If you are looking for the most insane marijuana experience that you can get, shatter is going to be well worth your dollar.

Is Shatter Legal?:

On a federal level, shatter shares the same, unfortunate status as any other marijuana related product.

However, the same can be said in states where bud is legal. If you are living in California, Colorado, Washington, or any of the other wonderful communities where weed is legal, then you can go on over to your local dispensary, and start asking for shatter.

Who is Shatter for?:

Have you been smoking for many years? Regularly? In high doses? If so, shatter is still probably going to give you a run for your money. This stuff is about as potent as pot gets, which can make for good fun, but it can also lead to trouble for the unprepared.

Of course, we are talking about marijuana here, so, assuming you don’t do something stupid, like try and drive a car, the stakes are pretty low.

Still, if you haven’t developed a fairly big tolerance, dabbing shatter weed is probably going to be too much for you in a way that isn’t even fun.

This is definitely a bud that is best left for the experts.

Still, we can’t make you abstain. If you really want to give shatter a try, even without the proper experience, feel free to go for it.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

As you can surely see, shatter provides stoners an exciting opportunity to fly higher than ever before. This isn’t the type of weed that you smoke while playing Madden with your friends.

This is hardcore stuff. Not necessarily for the casual user, nor the casual setting.

If you are going to try shatter, we think that is a great idea. How could you not love something so powerful, so attractive, so captivatingly unique and interesting?

But be careful. This is no ordinary marijuana. Certainly, this isn’t the bud that you used to pick up in the parking lot of your high school.

Shatter is serious weed for the serious stoner, and it is really, really awesome.


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