How do i use my yocan wax vaporizer?

1- Make sure all pieces are tightened & click the button five times quickly until the light blinks. I like to burn off my quartz or ceramic coils the 1st time I use them or after a cleaning.

2- Load the concentrate of your choice. Try not to over fill the chamber, you want some space between the product and coil walls for even distribution and air flow. The more you put the harder it will be to clean your vape pen and finish all your product.

3- I like to hold down the button for a few seconds before I start to pull from my pen. I will then continue to hold it and inhale for 5 seconds or more. Theres usually a little left in the chamber so don’t forget your second hit!

4- Click the button five times until the light blinks and your vaporizer is now turned off.

How will I know when my battery is getting low?

When your vaporizer starts to lose life, you will notice a lack of haul when taking pulls. I try to charge my pen while I sleep so its ready to go in the morning. When you first get your vaporizer please drain the battery and then give it a full charge.

I’ve heard of vape pens exploding, will your products do this?

Please make sure your vaporizers are turned off when not in use and away from too much heat or open flame. These products use batteries and should be used responsibly. I have definitely forgot to turn mine off and had it heat up in my pocket and it gets hot but have not heard of any exploding.

How do clean my concentrate pen?

Marijuana extracts come in many different forms but most are sticky and will need to be cleaned off of your vaporizer. I use 99% isopropyl alcohol & a glass jar (you no longer want to use). Soak your quartz coils or ceramics and every other part besides the battery (atomizers, silicone jar or mouthpiece). Rinse off the pieces you soaked after a few hours under tap water and let dry overnight. Make sure to burn your coils off with a couple dry runs before loading your concentrates.

Where does ship too?

We ship worldwide using Canada post.

When should I expect to receive my vaporizer?

We will ship day of or next day depending on when the order was placed. When you enter your address at checkout you will be shown the shipping options available to your residence & they will have up to date tracking information.

I have placed an order but have yet to receive a confirmation email or a tracking number.

Sometimes our emails get sent to your junk email, please check there or contact us directly at