Our 5 different ways of vaporizing concentrated

In this new, futuristic era of consuming our beloved plant, a wide array of innovative and impressive ways of vaporizing concentrates have come around. In this list, we’ll detail all the different ways of how this is done, and perhaps help you find out the most effective method if you’re looking to dive into this world.


Vape pens.

To start off, our favorite way of vaporizing is with a pen vape. Removing most of the guesswork, dangers and ‘science-lab’ feelings of other methods, while brining convenience, portability and reliability to the table, and vape pens are the way of the future.

Yocan Evolve Plus Wax Vape Pen Assembly

There are hundreds of different wax vape pens available, and it can be hard to decide on the best one for you. While some units can be as low as $20-40, other devices can easily cost upwards of $100-$200. For a beginner or amateur user, we recommend something right in between at around $50-$75 as you’ll get a blend of great performance and value without breaking the bank or wasting money on a cheap device.

A lot of vape pens on the market now are compatible with 510-threaded oil cartridges, which is great for versatility if they’re available near you. When buying a vape pen, we recommend getting something with variable voltage/wattage, a removable battery and reliable background.


Benefits of a vape pen.

Aside from the health perks of using a vaporizer, there are a few other practical benefits to using one as well! We’ve compiled a small list of the benefits of a vape pen to help show you the advantages over other methods of vaping. Check them out below!

  • They’re stealthy and discreet

Frequently taking on the shape and look of a pen or standard e-juice vaporizer, the majority of people won’t even think twice if they see you taking a heavy hit of your favorite wax. Able to easily hide away in the palm of your hand or pocket, they’re a safe travel option if you’re in a place where discretion is important.

  • They produce a lot less odor

Tying into the perk of being discreet, vaporizing concentrates produces much less odor than smoking. Of course, it’ll still smell, however this odor can be masked by using concentrates diluted in e-juice for ultimate discretion.

  • You can take one practically anywhere with you

It’s almost hilariously easy to bring one to the movie theatre, out to dinner, parks, practically anywhere! You name it and you can likely take a quick hit and have a short session in a matter of seconds. This is

  • They’re affordable & efficient

With beginner devices costing barely more than a couple of hours of work, it’s almost a waste to not get one. With vaporizing, you get much more out of the material you use, as no product is lost to combustion. You end up saving a lot of money in the long term, and the initial start-up cost will be rectified within the first month or two.




Using a dab rig.

Perhaps the most ‘hardcore’ way of vaping concentrates, a dab rig consists of a few main components. To get started you’ll need a butane torch, a glass bubbler, a carb cap, loading tool, and what’s called a banger – a glass (or commonly quartz) dish to place your material. This method of vaping is akin to driving a manual, where the heat of your vaporized material is directly influenced by your heating technique.


To get into a simple dab rig setup, you can expect to spend around $100-$200 for a solid setup. The most important components of a dab rig is the torch and the banger. Choosing a high-quality dish to withstand extreme heating and cooling cycles without breaking is incredibly important, as an exploding glass object is a recipe for disaster.

To amateur users a dab rig may be a bit intimidating, however a bit of practice and patience will yield results that’ll knock you out in a matter of minutes.





Vaporize with an e-nail!

Similar to a dab rig but replacing the torch variable with a regulated power source and you get the much easier to use e-nail. Some units are portable while others need to be plugged into the wall to operate, e-nails come in many shapes, sizes, and costs.


Easier to share with friends and groups, an e-nail is a great way to introduce people to dabbing without freaking them out with high-powered blowtorches or similar lab equipment. Your results are also more predictable and consistent, as a lot of guesswork is made simple. E-nail setups can be found for between $100-$200, though fancy units can cost up to $500 – definitely an investment for serious users.





With a thread-on atomizer.

With e-juice box mods becoming more and more common, it’s a good idea to instead pick up a compatible atomizer to toss onto your existing vape rather than a whole new device. This is course saves money without sacrificing performance, and you’ll generate impressive results still – provided you have a quality box mod. We highly recommend a mod with variable wattage/voltage and/or temperature control. A good quality atomizer will run you around $50, which isn’t that steep of an investment overall.







With a dry herb vaporizer

While most vaporizers designed for dry herb are meant exclusively for use with dry herb, some are versatile and effective at using both types of material! It’s very important to read online about the compatibility of the device you’re looking into with concentrates, as using waxes or resins with the wrong dry herb vape will yield poor results or easily break your device. A solid dry herb & concentrates vaporizer will easily cost $200, so it’s not the most effective option if you prefer to stick to waxes.


Bonus: Hot-knifing!

In the now primitive days of using hash, the act of hot-knifing some concentrates was as much of an art-form as it was a science. This technique involved heating a kitchen knife to red-hot temperatures, placing the material on the scorching hot knife and inhaling the vapor through a straw or similar tube.

In the past decade we’ve more than advanced past this historic technique, though it’s kind of fun to do once in a while for nostalgias sake. Though you can use waxes and resins with the hot knife method, we highly advise against this as the performance, flavor and quality of the vapor feels like a waste when using quality concentrates. Still, we felt like it was worth mentioning on this list!


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